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Conservation is at the heart of what we do, ensuring both nature and local communities thrive together.

Here are some of our projects and activities:

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Musekese Conservation

A charity founded by us to protect the local people and wildlife of the Kafue National Park from poaching.

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Guide Training

We invest in training up those passionate about preserving the natural world to become ambassadors of Africa’s great national parks. One of our Director’s Kyle Branch is one of Africa’s leading professional guide trainers. A co-founder of the TEVETA national accreditation syllabus and examinations for Zambia’s professional guides, Kyle is passionate about training Zambian’s, including of course our very own stable of young, driven, wildlife enthusiastic trainees - many of whom you will meet on safari with us!

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CLZ Support

We are long-standing supporters of the work carried out by the highly efficient and effective conservation organisation Conservation Lower Zambezi or ‘CLZ’. Through both monetary and in-kind support we have and continue to work closely with CLZ and the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW) to further aid their efforts in conservation and law-enforcement of this wonderful wilderness area.

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We do not believe in awards or superfluous marketing around being ‘green’ - we feel strongly that being ecologically conscious is a fundamental part of being a safari operator in this day and age. Sustainability is a non-negotiable. Yes all of our camps run exclusively on solar power (including water pumps), so no big diesel generators chugging away. We take time to sort our waste and dispose of selected products outside of the wildlife reserves, however before this step we actively procure our produce in a sustainably conscious way, home-grown vegetables, locally sourced meats - all minimizing the impacts of plastic waste and excess. Carefully planned procurement and logistics minimizes unnecessary transport (and associated fuel use) and we endeavor to buy as much material and produce from the communities closest to our camps.

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Local Skills Training

Poaching and other illegal activities often become attractive to the poorer communities in the nearest villages. By offering employment and the associated livelihoods training and skill development, local people are able to find work and prosper without resorting to illegal activity. We are very proud in promotion of young Zambian talent, and our promising junior staff are given opportunities to grow and develop in (and beyond/outside) of Classic Zambia.

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