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Our small camp consists of just five thatched chalets which are accompanied by open-air en-suite bathrooms at the rear, with flushing toilets, plumbed sinks and taps and warm bucket showers. A main area raised deck overlooks the vast Busanga Plains and another a bird hide/sitting area is available to use in the heat of the day! The main deck supplies power for charging cameras and other devices and has a small bar for refreshments.

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The wildlife of the Busanga Plains is as varied as it is numerous. Regional specials such as roan antelope and sable antelope are common sightings here. Along with thousands of red lechwe there is no shortage of game to view and photograph. Busanga Plains is also home to some of the largest herds of buffalo in the park, with numbers over 600, a sight to behold. The Southern Plains areas are home to wildebeest and zebra, along with herds of the diminutive oribi and secretive reedbuck. Of course the predators are here too, with a dominant lion pride, the ‘Papyrus Pride’ resident to the wetter plains in the north and both the Moshi and Lufupa prides utilising the areas to the north and south of Ntemwa-Busanga camp. Leopard are here too, especially along the tree-line of the plains, the same area that offers cheetah sightings from time to time and late season wild dog sightings.


Ntemwa-Busanga Plains Camp has access to a vast road network covering the expanse of the Busanga Plains and southern treelines. Zambia is one of few places where night drives are permitted and all our vehicles are equipped with spotlights and red-filters. Perfect to spot nocturnal animals!

Getting to Ntemwa-Busanga Camp

It has never been easier or more affordable to fly to the Kafue with flexible departure times available every day of the week from and to Lusaka
Northern Kafue National Park Map with Classic Zambia Camps Denoted
  • Lusaka to Busanga Airstrip (or vice versa) – flight time approx. 1 hour 30 minutes

  • Flying to and from all other destinations from Busanga Airstrip is also possible with competitive charter flight rates available – Livingstone, Kalabo, Jeki, Mfuwe, etc.

  • Busanga Airstrip is approx. 25km from Ntemwa-Busanga Camp, this transfer takes approx. 45 mins and gives game viewing opportunities from airstrip to camp.

  • Ntemwa-Busanga Camp is reachable by road from Musekese Camp. This transfer is taken as a ‘game drive transfer’ whereby we are free to enjoy special sightings along the way.

  • Ntemwa-Busanga Camp to Musekese Camp  (or vice versa) can take approx. 3 hours.

  • When heading from Musekese Camp to Ntemwa-Busanga Camp we tend to leave in the afternoon, arriving at camp for sunset – the journey is approx. 40km long through the heart of the national park. When heading from Ntemwa-Busanga Camp to Musekese Camp we tend to leave first thing in the morning to make a morning game drive out of the transfer, maximising game viewing opportunities and arriving at Musekese Camp for lunch.

  • Ntemwa-Busanga is too far from Lusaka or Livingstone to be reached in one day. If driving is the only option for guests wanting to stay at Ntemwa-Busanga Camp then they need to book-end their stay with nights at Musekese Camp (reachable from/to Lusaka by road).


The wildlife on the Busanga Plains was outstanding and we were lucky enough to see a couple of prides of lions, as well as a cheetah, sable, roan, elephants and buffalo amongst many others. Our guide Tyrone (McKeith) knows his stuff...” 

Mr and Mrs Britton-Davis, October 2019

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