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Conservation Lower Zambezi, helping protect one of Africa’s finest wildlife areas

As a company Classic Zambia is proudly and intrinsically linked to conservation. Whilst the majority of our support and efforts in the sphere of wildlife conservation comes through our non-profit organisation, operating in the Kafue National Park, Musekese Conservation, we also hold another conservation project in high-regard and close to our hearts – Conservation Lower Zambezi or CLZ.

We have two camps in the Lower Zambezi, Chula Island and Kutali. The density of wildlife in our area of operation is phenomenal and this is in no small part to the continued and dedicated work of the employees and supported DNPW wildlife officers of CLZ.

Founded in 1994, since its humble beginnings with basic support to the wildlife authority, CLZ has grown and increased its activities and efforts in the Lower Zambezi enormously. Not only has CLZ’s support to DNPW increased substantially over the years, the organisation now also runs an Environmental Education Programme, Community Scout Units, a Community Empowerment Programme, several specialised units including a Dog Unit, Rapid Deployment Team, Marine Unit, and Investigative and Intelligence Units. CLZ also has a Judicial Support Programme and a Fisheries and Illegal Wildlife Trade Project.

Whilst international donors and philanthropic support are the mainstays of the funding stream for CLZ, the support of the tourism operators, such as ourselves, cannot be underplayed. As Classic Zambia we are a proud Platinum Member – paying a minimum of $12,000USD a year aid in the efforts of CLZ in the greater Lower Zambezi region. On top of this we offer our guests the opportunity to learn more about what it takes to run CLZ and maintain it’s effectiveness in the landscape. Day trips or visits to the project can be arranged for our guests, those more interested in conservation.


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