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Introducing the Classic Zambia Specials – the ultimate Zambian safari itinerary

If you are coming all this way to Zambia then it makes sense to see as much of the countries highlights as your time and budget allows. A lot of what can be seen will depend on the time of year in which you travel, but between May and November there are so many things to and see that one could spend weeks in Zambia without even touching the sides.

Remember, ‘safari’ isn’t one thing, if someone tells you they ‘did a safari once’ this means as much as saying I once had breakfast – it needs some context. Each and every country is unique, each and every national park is unique, each and every area within the park unique, and each camp unique too. For this reason spending time in different parks and camps makes total sense, maximising your experience whilst in country.

One must not rush around, the most common mistake made is booking 2-night stays across a two-week itinerary, thinking you will get to see more things. This will result in more time spent going between places than spent in these places, which from a wildlife perspective is exactly what you need to do in Zambia. Remember it is wild here, so your safari guide may need a few days to get into the rhythm of nature, which will ultimately create the very best and most authentic safari experience out there.

There is currently no other operator that has camps in both the Kafue and Lower Zambezi national parks, two of the three main game viewing destinations here in Zambia. Combining these two wholly differing but complimentary areas makes for a truly epic safari. We offer itineraries for varying time frames and budgets, all designed to maximise the guests experience whilst making it super smooth and easy to book, with the simplest and most cost-effective logistics. We have four camps in the two parks, each is unique and combinable, whether it be spending an extended length of time just within one park (maybe 4 or 5 nights in each camp) or visiting all camps in both camps (3 or 4 nights in each camp) there is something for everyone.

Using Classic Zambia’s very own aircraft makes getting around Zambia easier than ever. Our flights are not on a schedule basis so you have the flexibility of timings, but without the cost of paying for a private charter (which you can of course do still if you prefer). As such, booking a ‘CZ Combo’ means from the moment you land in Lusaka to the moment you depart Lusaka we have you covered and looked after every step of the way.

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