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A Zambian Honeymoon, the ideal destination

Are you tying the knot soon? Looking ahead to where to book for an unforgettable honeymoon?!

Look no further than a safari – the ideal ‘lifetime of memories’ holiday.

As a newly married man myself I have been through the emotions of trying to plan the ultimate après-wedding getaway. Of course each and every couple is different and has their differing taste on what they want from a holiday, however if you have even the vaguest interest in ‘the outdoors’ then a safari is an absolute must-do!

A honeymoon needs to be romantic in its essence and I can assure you there is nothing more romantic than spending nights on end in the middle of Africa, starlit-dinners to the chorus of distant roaring lions with high-quality wines and fine-dining to boot!

Be discerning on where you safari for your honeymoon though, of course there are baffling amounts of camps, parks and countries to choose from but my advice would be to look at the smaller operators. It is with more personal operations that the more personal experiences and attention to detail can be found, the ‘X’ factor that will make a honeymoon special will be harder to achieve in more chain-type camps.

Here in Zambia we are blessed to have several world-class wildlife areas and many top-quality tour operators and camps. Look for camps like those of Classic Zambia Safaris, which offer a variety of activities (maximising those photographic honeymoon moments!), small camps that don’t lump a whole camp in one vehicle (you can even book private activities to make your safari extra special!) and if your time and budget allows then visit more than one area, for example combine the mighty Lower Zambezi River with the Kafue National Park, ending at Livingstone for some R and R (from your ‘active R and R’ whilst on safari!), the home of the Victoria Falls for a spectacular ending to an adventurous and memorable honeymoon safari.


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