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The Zambezi River – an experience like no other

boating on the zambezi with hippo

There are fewer words more evocative for African travel than Zambezi. The Zambezi River, early explorers, ancient trade-routes, David Livingstone, the Victoria Falls, boundless wildlife…

Zambia is blessed to be one of the six countries which have the Zambezi River as a border, however none of the others nations can boast to be the home of it’s source, found in Zambia’s remote North-West. As the Zambezi river grows in stature, from a mere trickle to a mighty torrent it passes through arguably one of Africa’s finest wildlife reserves, the Lower Zambezi.

Here, in the Zambezi Valley a wildlife refuge sits on both sides, to the South is Mana Pools National Park, a world heritage site (UNESCO) and to the North is the Lower Zambezi National Park.

Classic Zambia Safaris is blessed to be able offer guests the ability to enjoy this river and it’s wildlife from our two camps Chula Island and Kutali - the camp locations are arguably some of the most idyllic one could ever imagine, both on the banks of the Zambezi itself with views of the escarpment to the rear and the river to the fore.

It is not only the history, the heritage and the boundless wildlife, from lion and crocodiles to wild dogs and buffalo – but importantly it is the variety of safari activities on offer in this particular national park which make it so very special. A safari need not only be riding around in the back of a game viewing vehicle, it can also be getting out on foot on an expertly guided walking safari, a canoe safari along some of the several tree-lined and hippo-filled tributaries or on the river itself, by boat, exploring, relaxing and even trying a hand at catching the highly sought-after Tigerfish.

Wherever you chose to stay in the Lower Zambezi you will not be disappointed, but do make sure to search for the smaller camps with the best guides with access to a variety of activities – we hope our Classic Zambia Kutali and Chula Island Camps fit the bill.


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